All Natural, Cheap, & Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Only TWO Ingredients! Cheap, Easy, All Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner


Hardwood floors is probably one of the best things you can put in your house to add value, class, and durability. However, keeping those suckers looking new and shiny is a daunting task in itself! I have been to so many beautiful, expensive homes (my mother-in-law owns her own cleaning business) and was immediately thrown off by how awful their floors looked.

I know they spent thousands on those floors, and I am sure at one time they looked fabulous.

But hardwood floors can easily become faded and lose that mesmerizing glossy look. 

So how can you prevent this?

I have had hardwood floors in our house for almost 7 years now and they still look like new (I actually get quite the amount of compliments on them). Of course, they have scratches. That is just the downfall of having hardwood, housing 5 dogs within those years, and raising two children. That part seems to be inevitable- BUT they still look wonderful.

My Secret… 

an all natural hardwood floor cleaner. Many cleaners can actually strip your floors of that luscious shine, so cleaning your floors with those products is actually doing more harm than good.

You only need to gather 4 things (many of which you probably already have laying around) and you can create the best, safest cleaner for your floors.

That’s it! Mix your vinegar with the water and you are ready to go.

Be sure to wring out your mop well. You do not want it dripping wet. Also, when cleaning hardwood floors, it is best to mop with the grain of your floors, not against it or in random patterns.

Now you have an all natural, cheap way to keep your hardwood floors beautiful and healthy. How simple!

Do you have another all natural way you clean your floors? Do you add any essential oils to your cleaner? I have read that many places, but haven’t tried it yet. I will have to put that on my To-Do list! Have any questions you would like to ask? Comment below; I’d love to hear from you!

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