All Natural- Introduction

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If there are two things that I just LOVE it is anything that will save my family money and products that are all natural and healthy. Put those two qualities together and I’m in heaven! Therefore, I have come up with the category of “All Natural” to post my favorite all natural DIYs, to share any information to help you in the process of becoming more aware of the toxins in the products we use everyday, to offer you alternatives to these products, and to share my love for essential oils.

Preparing, using, and learning about these products will save you money AND improve your health. Today, too many of our products contain harmful chemicals that are honestly unnecessary- let’s try to take it back a few generations and reduce our exposure to these harsh chemicals!

Even if you are not a superb DIYer (I wasn’t either) try a few. I promise, you will find some favorite new products, save money, and feel better in the process!

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