DIY Febreze for Less Than .50¢


Stop wasting money on a bunch of chemicals to fill your air. Make a DIY all natural febreze, deodorizer with essential oils!

Just the other day, we made last minute plans for company to come over to our house. As I was scrambling to put back the pieces from a long day of baby doll and superhero playing with Ry and K, I walked into the living room and it hit me. This overpowering stench of DOG!    

We only have one dog, Doodle, who lives a very luxurious life inside. I am not sure what she does when she goes outside, but every now-and-then she comes back smelling TERRIBLE. And, of course, this day was no exception.

I had only a few hours to clean the house, start dinner, and miraculously get rid of the horrendous dog smell that now was stuck in my nose and I could smell in every room of the house…

So, what do you think I did? Did I have Febreze stashed under the sink for just occasions? … Nope! (If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know how much I do not like using commercial products)

I ran to my handy-dandy, all natural cabinet.

Inside I quickly pulled out a new spray bottle and my guide to essential oils. I looked up which oils worked best for odor eliminating and picked two of my favs: lemon and… you guessed it… lavender!

After a quick fill of the bottle, a few drops of oils, and a hasty swirl- I was off! “Febrezing” the heck out of my house- the all natural way. AND it cost me NOTHING because I already had these supplies handy! Now, I did the math, and for the money that I paid for the bottle and the oils it ended up being less than .50¢!!

Now, it may cost you a little more if you do not buy your tinted, glass bottles in bulk like I did OR it may cost you less if you prefer to use a plastic spray bottle that you already have on hand (I recommend using tinted, glass bottles anytime you use essential oils. It helps keep out the sunlight which will help the oils last longer- sunlight can make certain oils deteriorate over time).

And there you go! Your own chemical free, cheap bottle of Febreze!

If you are wondering if it helped in my situation: absolutely! After spraying each room, the living room twice (where our dog sleeps), and dousing our couch- our house smelt WONDERFUL! A light, flowery scent. Which was 100 times better than the previous wet Doodle smell!

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Make Your Own All Natural Febreze:

You will need:

-4 oz (or larger) tinted, glass spray bottle

-100% all natural Lavender essential oil

-100% all natural Lemon essential oil

-Distilled water

First, fill your bottle with water and then add about 15 to 20 drops each of the oils (yes, it seems like a lot, but its really not). Swirl the bottle around to help mix the water and oils (do not shake!). Label the bottle, if you wish, and you are ready to go!

**You can get the oils cheaper if you purchase them in a bundle with other (very useful oils) like this one from Plant Therapy – more bang for your buck! And helps you create this spray for less than .50¢**

See how simple that is? And instead of filling the air your family breathes with the harsh chemicals that are found in commercial products, you have filled your home with an all natural scent that works BETTER than the products you spend $$ on in the store! I just love the benefits of using essential oils!!



Do you have a recipe to make your own Febreze? Any favorite oils to use together ( I know there are so many!)? If so, please tell me! I’d love to try out some new concoctions! Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! I would love to answer any questions you may have as well (:


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