DIY Soap Scum Shower Cleaner

Simple. Cheap. Chemical Free.

Just listing a few of my favorite things for you. Oh, and looky here, they perfectly describe this next DIY cleaner I want to introduce you to:

Soap Scum Shower Cleaner

We all know that I try my best to avoid using chemically filled products when I can. And I know that your shower is one of the hardest spots to get clean in your house. At least, I know it is in mine!

My husband works outside all day long and the poor thing comes home filthy. Literally covered in, well to be honest, I don’t even know what. And I probably don’t want to, because I do know it is NOT healthy stuff. Chemicals. Chemicals. And more Chemicals.

So not only is he exposed to all this on a daily basis (God bless him for being such a hard working man who doesn’t complain), but he comes home and showers it all off into our tub. It doesn’t take long for our nice, clean shower to get those dark rings and water marks.

I am not sure if this is just because his line of work, or it’s a common thing. But I do know that I am not the only one who complains when it is time to clean that stupid thing!

I spent many years using the standard cleaners: scrubbing bubbles, oxy clean, bleach (I shudder at the thought, click here to read why). But even using these never seemed to work well.

I would spend hours SCRUBBING the tub raw (& my hands) just to get a little of the grime off! That is until I found this miracle, toxic free alternative.

This alternative uses two ingredients (which I bet you already have under your sink) and is made in seconds- literally. You mix, warm, spray, wait, and wipe away.

5 steps. That’s it. And your shower will look like new.

Here’s an extra word of advice: take a before and after photo!

I always forget to and when I am done I am SO amazed at how freaking clean the shower is, but when my husband comes home he hardly really notices a change. For two reasons I’m sure: 1. because I doubt he ever really pays attention to how our shower looks and 2. because he didn’t get to witness the crazy miracle right before his eyes.

So every time I tell my self I’m going to do a before and after, but –shocker- I forget to.

Take my advice, don’t forget to do that for yourself. At least for the first time, so you can look back in awe and show others how great this actually works!!

What You’ll Need:

That’s it! This recipe is a 1:1 ratio. So, however much you want to use of one ingredient – use the same amount for the other.

How to Make:

  1. Mix the ingredients together
  2. Microwave for 30 seconds
  3. Spray EVERYWHERE in your tub: walls, floor, knobs, everything
  4. Let sit for 20-30 minutes
  5. Wipe away — I like to use a scrubber for this, just so it’s less “elbow work” for me. Some women say they can literally just wipe the scum away, but my tub still needs a little scrubbing put into it (I blame it on the hubs…). Just experiment and see which works best for you!

And there you go!! You have removed one more toxic cleaner from your home (HALLELUJAH!!) and you now have a beautiful, sparkly clean shower. What could be better than this?

Well, I guess having a maid do it all would be better… but let’s slip back on down here to reality (;

Soooooo, how simple was that?!

Do you make your own soap scum cleaner? If so, what do you use? If you try this out let me know how it goes or, better yet, share your before and after pictures with me!! I love hearing from you guys <3


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