All Natural Cleaners to NEVER Mix!

Well, we know I love all natural alternatives when it comes to those toxic filled commercial cleaners. Who wouldn’t?! You can often times make the cleaners for pennies and they are SAFE to use in your home. I love it!

But, one thing you should be aware of:

Not All “Green” Cleaning Products are Safe to Use Together!

Wait a minute? I thought you said these alternatives were safe?! They are, when used properly!

Some combinations can be dangerous for yourself and your household surfaces. Other combinations can end up being just a simple waste of money by neutralizing one another. And excuse me, who in their right mind wants to waste money? It’s my job to bring you guys simpler options to save you time AND money – not waste them!

So, that’s why I did some research and put this post together for y’all! I found three major combination no-no’s when using all natural ingredients. I am SURE there are more out there and I will update this list as I stumble upon them!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = A DANGEROUS COMBINATION!

Both of these ingredients are acidic, so when you combine them you create a corrosive acid. (Just the word “corrosive acid” should turn you away immediately. It. Sounds. Awful.) The risk of creating this acid is that it can cause bodily harm (irritate skin, eyes, and lungs) and can be corrosive to your household surfaces.

These ingredients are great all natural cleaning alternatives to use, just NOT together. I love cleaning with vinegar; it is definitely my “go to” cleaning option. But it is important to know what not to mix with it/together.

  • Castile Soap + Vinegar = A Gooey Mess!

This combination will actually make your home dirtier. (Um, who wants that?!) And, creating a cleaner that actually makes your home dirtier… complete waste of money!

When the two are combined, they create a reaction that actually breaks down the soap and turns it back into it’s original oils. This makes a milky, curdled disaster. Spreading this mixture over your house would actually create MORE of a mess than anything else.

Castile Soap has this reaction to any acidic product (like lemon juice); so, just keep it away from that group!

  • Baking Soda + Vinegar = Water w/ a Hint of Salt…

Does that sound like an effective cleaner to you? Eh, na…. (; aka another waste of money!

The mixture may create a lot of bubbles, but don’t let all that action fool you! All it is doing is creating water and sodium acetate: water with a tiny amount of salt in it.

Both of these ingredients work WONDERS as cleaning alternatives, again, just not together. This combination will just end up wasting your money and you wont even be cleaning effectively.


So remember:

All Natural, Green Cleaning Alternatives = Good

Combining These Alternatives (listed above) = Bad

Using cleaning alternatives in your home is something I can’t stress enough. Those toxic chemicals that we spray in our air, on our surfaces, and around are children have many harmful effects (most often, not even noticed until much time has passed).  Eliminating the use of these commercial products is a life saver, literally.

Plus, it’s a money saver too!


If you are interested in using some all natural alternatives, but don’t know where to start, I have created a few posts about my favorites. You can read them here:

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Do you know any other green cleaners that should not be combined? If so, please let me know! I love the all natural life, but it’s still a learning process for me as well (as with everything in life – is anyone truly ever an “expert”…?). I’d love to hear from you!


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