All Natural Cleaners Round-Up: Stop Using Those Toxic Chemicals!

Round Up post of all natural, DIY household cleaners to use to avoid toxic chemicals. Disinfecting spray, soap scum cleaner, bleach alternative, dishwasher detergent, and MORE!


I am a big advocate for all natural products, just browse through a few of my posts and you will see!

I can’t stand filling my home with toxic chemicals, and you shouldn’t either. Especially once you realize how simple they are to make and how much money they save you!

Most of these cleaners are made with two (maybe three) ingredients – which I bet you already have under your sink! And can be made for literally PENNIES — no I’m not exaggerating, PENNIES!

If you think about the cost alone for commercial products, that should win you over right there! Sure, you can go to the store and buy “green cleaners,” but have you ever looked at the price tag for those?! The chemically filled cleaners are pricey enough, but try buying green cleaners and the prices almost DOUBLE!

That’s ridiculous!

Why pay more when you can make them yourself in minutes & save money?!

So now that I have your attention about the benefit of the price difference, let’s talk a bit about eliminating those toxic chemicals.

Most of us, I know I used to, think that you have to have the harshest, chemically filled product out there to get your house germ free. I mean, it makes sense. You have to KILL the germs, so the product has to be strong to do that.


But, it doesn’t have to be strong with toxic chemicals.

Vinegar alone (my all time FAVORITE all natural product) can kill/break up any mold, grease, or bacteria that is lying around your house. It can wipe away those tricky little finger prints you have smeared all over your mirrors, windows, and appliances — thank your little minions for that (;

But how? Vinegar is acid based, creating a cleaning power that is no match for any mess you have in your home. One study has shown that vinegar kills 99 percent of surface bacteria, 80 percent of germs, and 82 percent of molds on a counter.

It’s strong enough to kill germs and yet still safe enough to cook with. Talk about working double time!

It’s also biodegradable & wont harm the environment in any way.

Should I go on? You know I could… (;

And this is just ONE of the all natural ingredients found in most of these cleaners. So trust me, they work!

I have compiled a list of my favorite cleaners to use around my house, and I will add to this list as time goes on and I start experimenting more (so book mark this page & keep checking back!).


All Natural, Non-Toxic Household Cleaners:

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  1. Disinfecting All Purpose Spray

    • This disinfecting spray is my all time favorite! I have been using it for years and one bottle of it, literally, cleans my whole house. I use it in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room – pretty much any where there is a mess! It’s been my secret weapon for 6 years now. I started using it when my first child was born; I wanted a cleaner that I could safely use around her. After trying & buying the expensive “green” alternatives at the store, I eventually stumbled upon this recipe and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a miracle cleaner and I love it!
  2. Bleach Alternative

    • Not only is using bleach completely DANGEROUS and harmful to your health (and the health of the people around you), but it’s unnecessary. I say it is because you can easily make this alternative that is safe, cheap, and made in minutes. Why would you continue to risk your health when you could make this instead. In this post, I also go into detail the dangers of using bleach products in your home – it really is a must read!
  3. Soap Scum Cleaner

    • Let me start off by saying, I HATE CLEANING MY SHOWERS! They are pretty much the quicksand of all cleaning tasks. Once you start, you can never stop until hours later when your arms are paralyzed from the never ending scrubbing. That is, until you start using this cleaner. It has seriously changed the way I think about cleaning my showers. No, I still don’t like it – who does?! Other than my mother-in-law who honestly LOVES cleaning bathrooms… she may possibly be the 8th wonder of the world with that one — but it makes the task a lot less daunting!
  4. Dishwasher Detergent

    • Have you ever sat back and thought about what you are putting in your dishwasher to clean your dishes with? All these chemicals we are trying to avoid using in our household cleaners and yet we are spreading them all over our dishes and then EATING off of them… kind of counter-productive if you ask me. That’s why I found this AMAZING recipe. Seriously, the simplest thing to make and it’s completely safe to use.
  5. Homemade Laundry Detergent

    • Let me just start off by telling you the selling point of this detergent: you can make an entire year’s worth for $28 dollars. Yes, an entire year! Make it once and never have to buy laundry detergent again (well, until you make your next batch – but hey, I’m giving you a year off!). This is my absolute favorite thing to make and then gift it up in cute little mason jars during the holidays to give to friends and family. Plus, it’s a complete hit! Everyone always raves about it. You have to check this one out!
  6. Homemade Fabric Softener

    • So along with the laundry detergent, comes the fabric softener. Here is one that is simple to make and all natural. It’s just an all around win! And an added bonus, it works wonders and can even double as a cleaner for your washing machine to give it it’s own little boost every now and then.
  7. Hardwood Floor Cleaner

    • Hardwood floors are tricky to maintain. They scratch easy and can quickly lose their luster; but, you can do something to try to avoid that. This simple, two ingredient, cleaner is amazing for your floors. Our hardwood floors are 7 years old and still shine like they did when they were first put down! And, I give all the credit to this cleaner!
  8. Deodorizer (Homemade Febreze)

    • Oh, this is another one of my favorite things to use! It takes seconds to make and can turn your house around in minutes. Eliminate all those pesky odors (animals, food, trash, etc) with just a couple of sprays. You can spray it in the air, on furniture, or on carpets (I’ve even sprayed it on my dog a few times…). It’s safe to use and all natural. Trust me, you’re going to love this one!


So these are a few of my favorite all natural cleaners to use around the house (and like I said, I will be updating this list as time goes on and I experiment more will homemade products–so keep checking back!). Do you have any non-toxic cleaners that you like to use around your house? If so, comment below. I love hearing from you!


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